Tips for Beginners

Every person can create something beautiful. Don’t be afraid of a blank piece of paper or a blank canvas.

Experiment with different mediums and techniques.

I’ll do my best to help you.

How to Choose an Eraser that Meets your Needs

The right rubber acts as a superhero: it’s readily saving the wonderful worlds which you are creating with graphite pencils. The wrong one can ruin your drawing.

Sanguine Pencils – How To Draw With Them?

I like regular pencils but sometimes it seems to me that grey graphite sketches look too stern. Reddish-brown sanguine drawings are much warmer.

Synthetic Paintbrushes: Whether You Should Buy Them or Not?

According to a popular belief, synthetic bristle is simply not comparable to Kolinsky sable or even squirrel. Synthetic brushes have a number of drawbacks, that’s true, but I’m sure: they offer significant advantages over their counterparts at the same time. And it isn’t just about their low price.

Natural Brushes for Artists: Hair Types

The head of brush may be manufactured of synthetic or natural materials. Modern-day polyester filaments differ greatly in performance – you never know what they’re capable of until you try to use them. The behavior of natural material is more predictable. Each animal hair type has specific characteristics.

The Paint Types Used in Art: a Beginner’s Guide

If you want to get on with a person, you’ll have to understand the person’s nature. It’s the same thing with paints. They are very varied.

Graphite Drawing Pencils – Tips for Choosing

Whether you want to become a draughtsman or a painter, you will use pencils. How to choose them? Let me give you some pointers.

Types of Artist’s Easels: How to Choose the Right One

An easel can become either an essential part of your art kit or a cumbersome thing collecting dust. Don’t acquire it without a careful planning.

Watercolor Pans and Tubes – Which are Better?

Cheap watercolor for children is sold in pans, and many beginning artists think the form is the only option. They get confused as it turns out that the expensive paints of the type can also be in tubes.

Painting by Numbers: What It is and How to Choose Such a Kit

My sister liked drawing in the past and even wanted to become an architect. I gave her a paint by numbers kit on her last birthday. The gift turned out to be perfect.