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Adults are as curious as children. The problem is, an adult’s workload doesn’t usually leave enough energy to discover new universes. After a hard day’s work, all we want to do in the evenings is nod off in front of the TV.

Would you like to do an experiment? Despite your tiredness, try to spend at least two evenings a week studying works of art. Just try! A strange thing will happen. You’ll find that your encounter with art will re-energize you far more than leisure.

I’ll help you to choose masterpieces for studying and also to understand them.

A standard post on my blog is a story about one masterpiece – a painting, a sculpture, a symphony, or a poem. When choosing themes, I follow a certain rule: the first acquaintance with the works I write about should take no more than two hours.

From time to time I’ll also tell you how famous people of art lived: life can be a masterpiece, too.

My blog entries differ significantly from encyclopedia articles. I prefer ideas to dates. To me, great works are precious pieces of unique human experience rather than the object of scientific interest.

I focus on classic culture. Please don’t think this will be too intellectual for you! No one needs special knowledge to appreciate genuine art. True geniuses always leave keys in the keyholes of their creations.

Of course, you’ll have to ask questions and find answers to become immersed in the quirky worlds of some of the works. But your efforts will pay off, and thanks to them you’ll feel alive.

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Natalia Usanova
I am a poet and an amateur artist. A few years ago, it seemed to me creating works of art is a much more important occupation than reading books, visiting galleries, or listening to music. Now I don't think so. Let me share with you the masterpieces which have changed my life and can change yours. Follow me on Twitter!


  1. I found your article on Mahler’s Symphony No 1 very interesting. I hadn’t appreciated the development of the 3rd movement from funeral March to cheeky dance. Facinating. Thankyou.

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