Artist Toolkit

Special Artist’s Pencils Koh-I-Noor Gioconda: How Good Are They?

Inspired by russet autumn colors, I’ve tried my hand at drawing with Koh-I-Noor sepia and sanguine. Since my paper was toned, I also bought charcoal and white chalk. All the media were in the form of pencils.

How to Choose an Eraser that Meets your Needs

The right rubber acts as a superhero: it’s readily saving the wonderful worlds which you are creating with graphite pencils. The wrong one can ruin your drawing.

Graphite Pencils Faber-Castell – Everything You Need Know About Them

In the last few years, I mostly use graphite pencils Faber-Castell. It isn’t just a matter of habit. They do have many advantages.

Sanguine Pencils – How To Draw With Them?

I like regular pencils but sometimes it seems to me that grey graphite sketches look too stern. Reddish-brown sanguine drawings are much warmer.

ARTEZA Eraser Pencils: Their Advantages and Disadvantages

Detailed corrections – for, example, highlighting the glimmer of an eye in a portrait or smoothing out the edge of a distant wood in a landscape – can be crucial.

A Great Gift for an Art Lover: Souvenirs that are Related to Famous Painters

My husband and I were passing through the capital of Austria on vacation. We had only an hour to walk, so we haven’t gone to the famous Österreichische Galerie Belvedere – what’s the point of looking at great paintings in a hurry?

Some Tips on How to Choose a Plein Air Stool

Every time when going to paint outdoors take along something to sit on. Of course, it may be an old bucket or a wooden box, but I would advise you to buy a special compact piece of furniture.

Synthetic Paintbrushes: Whether You Should Buy Them or Not?

According to a popular belief, synthetic bristle is simply not comparable to Kolinsky sable or even squirrel. Synthetic brushes have a number of drawbacks, that’s true, but I’m sure: they offer significant advantages over their counterparts at the same time. And it isn’t just about their low price.

Natural Brushes for Artists: Hair Types

The head of brush may be manufactured of synthetic or natural materials. Modern-day polyester filaments differ greatly in performance – you never know what they’re capable of until you try to use them. The behavior of natural material is more predictable. Each animal hair type has specific characteristics.

How to Look at Old Masters Paintings?

Once I went on a package holiday to Germany. Our group had some spare time in Dresden. The tourists, including me, rushed to the Old Masters Picture Gallery with enthusiasm…