Artist Toolkit

Drawing with Black Ink: The Necessary Art Tools and Materials, Basic Techniques

Graphite pencil strokes are quite faint. A picture drawn with it is unlikely to be used as a book illustration or a depiction for a handmade postcard. If you like to hatch, try your hand at ink drawing. Contrasty ink lines look strong and finished.

How to Draw with Watercolor Pencils: a Lesson for Beginners

Aquarelle water-soluble pencils are a wonderful thing. As you use them on dry paper, your work looks like a drawing, but just add some water, and lo and behold, the work turns into a painting.

Wet-into-wet: A Short Guide to an Essential Watercolor Technique

Today we are taking a look at a very challenging technique – working with a wet brush onto a wet surface. Applying the method you can either get something striking or spoil a piece of paper.

Sonnet Studio Watercolors – a Detailed Review

There are old Russian plants manufacturing high-quality paints. One of them is APP Nevskaya palitra. The watercolors Sonnet, which the company produces, became a great addition to my toolkit.

SMLT Authentic Line: the Great Spiral Pads for Artists and Designers

I usually paint with watercolors, and my main item of expenditure is paper. Last week I bought a relatively cheap spiral pad to try out, and it turned out to be amazing for its price. The pad was manufactured by the company SM.LT, I’d never even heard of.

Professional Watercolor Pencils Staedtler Karat: the Main Features

Watercolor pencils let you combine drawing with painting: they have water-soluble colored binders. The art medium is equally good for dry-on-dry sketching and wet-on-wet techniques.

Painting by Numbers: What It is and How to Choose Such a Kit

My sister liked drawing in the past and even wanted to become an architect. I gave her a paint by numbers kit on her last birthday. The gift turned out to be perfect.

Watercolor Pans and Tubes – Which are Better?

Cheap watercolor for children is sold in pans, and many beginning artists think the form is the only option. They get confused as it turns out that the expensive paints of the type can also be in tubes.

Types of Artist’s Easels: How to Choose the Right One

An easel can become either an essential part of your art kit or a cumbersome thing collecting dust. Don’t acquire it without a careful planning.

Graphite Drawing Pencils – Tips for Choosing

Whether you want to become a draughtsman or a painter, you will use pencils. How to choose them? Let me give you some pointers.