Free Classical Music Recordings

Free Classical Music Recordings

I have a great present for my new friends – a list of the links to 30 websites, where visitors can download classical music recordings for free. Subscribe to my blog and get this list in pdf format!

Here is the subscription form:

Please don’t think I encourage you to pirate. There’re plenty of sites on the web where every visitor can download absolutely legal mp3-s without any fee.

Who Share Classical Music on the Internet?

The best source of free classic mp3s is big music libraries that collect public domain content – in particular, very old recordings. They tend to be quite impressive. Chaliapin’s voice, let’s say, is so powerful, that background noises don’t spoil it.

Another “treasure island” is the platforms that help young musicians to promote themselves. Some of such resources offer both creative commons audios and paid tracks.

Musician’s personal pages are very useful, too. While presenting a new CD, many musicians willingly share excellent samples from them.

Five Strong Reasons to Get This File

I don’t want to be immodest yet I must state: my list of the sources of free classical compositions is a really good thing. Let me explain why.

  1. First and foremost, I made it for myself; it wasn’t just marketing material at all. I keep it on my smartphone and use it regularly.
  2. If you google, for example, “download moonlight sonata mp3”, you’ll see links to YouTube videos and streaming services, for the most part. The search engine will probably show you some sites with downloadable mp3s, however, not free or not completely legal ones. It’s incredibly difficult to find the places where a particular classical work is accessible for “wow, thanks!”… I was able to do this.
  3. The links are grouped according to their types (music libraries, sound samples from performers, and so on).
  4. Before clicking on a link you’ll know what exactly you’ll see: each of them is accompanied by a short comment.
  5. The file is nicely designed – I’ve spent about two days working at it on Canva 🙂

So, may great classical music bring you a lot of joy!

With love, your Natalia