Read the review to know whether the eraser pencils ARTEZA meet your needs or not.

ARTEZA Eraser Pencils: Their Advantages And Disadvantages

Detailed corrections can be crucial – for example, highlighting the glimmer of an eye in a portrait or smoothing out the edge of a distant wood in a landscape.

Sometimes it’s tricky to correct fine details with a large eraser. Luckily, nowadays there is a handy tool for performing such tasks. I am talking about eraser pencils.

Today we are taking are look at the characteristics of ARTEZA special erasers.

Product Description

ARTEZA offers customers pencils with a brush at the end. They come in a set of 5.

Buying them in bulk is reasonable; each item turns out to be relatively inexpensive. Other manufacturers usually sell similar art tools by the piece.

Watch the video below.

Lineke Lijn is an experienced artist. She tests the products that interest us and compares them against ones from some famous brands – Koh I Noor,  Faber Castell, Tombow.

Lineke Lijn concludes that ARTEZA erasers are good enough to clean up small areas, yet they have some important disadvantages. I completely agree with her.

The Most Significant Drawback

The tips of the pencils are rather soft and may bend or even crumble.

The producer writes about them as ‘perfect for charcoal drawings, illustrations, sketches’ (…) ‘for various mediums’. In reality, ARTEZA is a bit poor at erasing colors.

It works great only when you work with regular graphite.

What Are the Benefits?

On the positive side, these erasers don’t damage the texture of paper at all. The brushes, attached at the pencil’s opposite ends, help to sweep away rubbings gently without smearing the work.

Another plus is that the set also includes a pocket-size plastic sharpener (ARTEZAs are sharpened as standard pencils).

No doubt this tool will be useful for skilled artists who don’t need to correct heavy mistakes. But if you are a beginner, I would advise you to buy a pencil with a harder eraser, like Koh-i-Noor.

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