Sonnet Studio Watercolors – A Detailed Review

There are old Russian plants manufacturing high-quality paints; one of them is APP Nevskaya palitra.

The watercolors Sonnet, which the company produces, became a great addition to my toolkit.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of the 24 Pan Set

Sonnet is available in sets of 16 or 24 pans, 2.5 ml each. I knew that 16 colors aren’t enough for me so I bought the bigger box.

I got these colors: zinc white, hanza lemon, yellow medium, yellow deep, gold ochre, orange, red light, carmine, madder lake red, English red, azure, ultramarine light, blue, bluish green, violet light, violet deep, emerald green, sap green, green deep, raw sienna, burnt sienna, burnt umber, sepia, and lamp black.

I was pleased that the set includes many paints with brown pigments that are indispensable for a landscapist, though some colors have turned out to be unnecessary for me. For example, I would replace the too toxic violet light and emerald green.

Of course, I understand that is a matter of individual taste.

I read on the back side of the box: “Watercolours Sonnet has the intensity and purity of color. Perfectly blended, blurred, and spreads easily on the brush.”

That’s not an exaggeration – they are really vibrant and the way they bloom on wet paper is marvelous.

The paints are perfectly mixed with high transparency and smooth texture

I’ve taken a photo of some pans for you. Alas, they don’t look like candies: I used them a lot.

Nevskaya Palitra: About The Manufacturer

APP Nevskaya palitra, a company artistic paints plant, was founded in 1934 as a little factory. A surprising fact: the plant was built by the English engineer Julius Fridlender.

Nowadays the firm’s products are widely requested in Russia and outside the country. They are even used for the restoration of masterpieces in famous museums like the Tretyakov Gallery, the Hermitage, and the State Russian Museum.

APP Nevskaya palitra actually has three series of watercolor for adult artists – Sonnet, Lagoda, and White Nights (White Nights watercolors are sold both in 2.5 ml pans and 10 ml tubes). The firm also has the line Tsvetic for children.

Additionally, the company makes gouache, oil, tempera, and acrylic paints.

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