How to Pick an Art Reproduction – a Buying Guide

A few years ago I rented a flat. I loved it and you know why? Two beautiful Van Gogh’s canvasses adorned the flat – one (Irises) hung on a wall in the kitchen and the other (Sunflowers) did in the bedroom.

The paintings weren’t originals, so what! Reproductions give pleasure as well, providing that they are products of high quality.

Requirements for Plot and Genre

Don’t buy an art reproduction because an artist is considered trendy. Order a copy of the particular work you like best.

Not every picture harmoniously fits in the interior of a dwelling house. The theme of painting matters as well.

Let’s say, The Scream by Edvard Munch ranks among great masterpieces. Meeting with the piece of art in the Munch Museum will probably be one of the most inspiring events of your life.

However, if the painting is the first thing at which you look every morning, I’m afraid, you will get depressed. Select a plot not evoking so strong emotions – a country landscape, a nice bunch of flowers.

The same goes for colors. Nobody can enjoy very bright paints all day long. You aren’t an exception.

Tips for a Buyer

Hand-painted pictures look luxurious, like a true painting from a gallery. Do they have any drawbacks? Yes, they do.

Such works cost a pretty penny. In spite of their high prices, they’re often inaccurate. Only an extremely skilled artist is able to recreate all tiny details making the original great. You ideally should find a person, who focuses solely on the copying of the particular master’s works.

As a customer, you’ll have to found out whether the artist professional canvases. Some of painting reproduction shops just use plain cloth covered with glue. That’s absolutely not comparable to premium-grade commercial material.

You’ll face one more difficulty: an oil painting needs framing. Choosing a suitable frame is a task which could not be solved without a good eye and, again, some expenses.

Photographic posters are a cheaper alternative. They have no differences from the original in technique. The general tone may differ, though: camera a bit distorts colors and, therefore, the mood of paintings.

If you want to buy an art poster online, read some customer reviews before placing an order. Customers usually draw attention to flaws of the sort.

Ask for a print made in the same size as the original. The identical length and width are preferable because artists always paint keeping the parameters in mind. Reducing the size is fraught with loss of important elements, its increasing leads to roughening, primitivization of brush strokes.

Having chosen an art print, learn all you can about the company which sells it.

Get into the character of a picky buyer and everything will be OK!

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Natalia Usanova
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