Belle Avery And The World Of Modern Popular Art

When somebody advises me to watch an action movie or read a horror book, I usually think: ‘Thank you, but I shouldn’t waste my time. There are so many good classical masterpieces!’

Maybe, my position is wrong? All genres are good except for the boring one. Popular art is a mirror of its time…

So, I’ve found a film about terrible megalodon, The Meg.

Tremendous Work

I cannot say I liked ‘The Meg’ very much, however, the work done by the team really impressed me.

In the following video, Belle Avery – a producer of the film – is telling a journalist this project turned out to be ‘a long journey’. The rights were bought in 2008, the premiere took place in ten years.

The producer is describing some difficulties they had to face in the video below. She notes that creating the VFX on a 70-foot megalodon shark was a tricky task.

Each believable monster which we can see on TV screens is a kind of masterpiece.

I have never thought about this before. Honestly, today it was the first time I’ve used the abbreviation VFX – visual effects – in speech…

Belle Averie – Her Roles In Films and Life

I searched for the information about Belly Averie on the Internet and was impressed again.

Steven Robert Alten, a bestselling science-fiction author, said about her: ‘When Belle commits to doing something… it gets done’.

This amazing woman has enough time and energy for everything. Just imagine: she is a producer, an actress, a writer, a director, and a financier.

More than five movies were produced by Avery, including The Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam. She produced not only entertaining films but also the drama about the famous Persian intellectual!

Belle Avery played in films ‘Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead’ and ‘The Living Daylights’. I’ve watched the latter in childhood – it’s an old spy movie in the James Bond series. Belle’s character, Linda, was absolutely stunning.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find her books. If you have read them, share the names with me, please.

…What an interesting life!

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