Benjamin Walls and His Inspiring Photos

If you reckon that a true person of art is a poor suffering loner who remains unrecognized up to his death, you are mistaken.

A talented artist can be successful. Benjamin Walls’ biography is good evidence of that fact.

He is not only an acclaimed master but also an entrepreneur.

The Story Of Success

In 2003, Benjamin was a completely self-taught photographer. He left home with a film camera to travel the world.

The young man didn’t have enough money to live such a life, yet the financial couldn’t stop him – Benjamin saved on food and hotels for his dream’s sake.

He wanted to create ‘a groundbreaking body of photographic art’ (I’m quoting from the page of his official website

In 2005, his works were exhibited in the Carolinas.  In a short time, Walls’s photographies were hanged in the Smithsonian and at the Natural History Museum of London.

It’s great that Benjamin helps non-profits enthusiastically. Let’s say, the artist’s gallery raised $90,000 for a wildlife and environment conservation organization, Jane Goodall Institute, in 2019.

Photographies by Benjamin Walls

Benjamin Walls can speak nature’s language. He shows different corners of the globe, from seas to deserts, in all their beauty.

My favorite piece by the artist is White Top: two old trees, which have already lost a part of their mighty branches, are completely covered with frost. The frost looks incredibly white against the bright blue sky. The image makes me think of such beautiful fragile things like love and hope.

Walls often takes abstract photos as well. Some of his abstract works just transfer nice combinations of blurred colors, but others are full of a strong sense.

Find the work Elements on Walls’s site. It depicts the borderline between the ground and deep water; the sun is reflected in the water. The photo gives us a chance to imagine ourselves standing at the world’s end. This is a wonderful, inspiring feeling.

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