A Few Words About Frank Hoyt Taylor

I paid attention to Frank Hoyt Taylor rewatching Big Fish (it’s one of my favorite movies). He wasn’t the lead star there but perfectly played his part.

I started to look for other films with him.

The Most Interesting Roles

In my opinion, his best role is the self-taught painter David Wark in the comedy-drama Junebug.

The chief film critic for New York magazine and CBS Sunday Morning David Edelstein described this Frank Hoyt Taylor’s work in the following way: “You’ll think this guy, with his affectless dialect, is a found object, but Taylor is merely an accomplished actor.”

That’s true. He doesn’t seem to be playing at all, he just lives his characters’ lives.

I liked Taylor very much as Uncle Bog (the TV series Christy based on the bestseller by Catherine Marshall) and as Gilson (another series, Halt and Catch Fire).

This actor can create very persuasive images of officers, detectives, judges. I think it isn’t easy.

Facts From His Bio

Frank was born in Norton, Virginia. Having earned a university degree, he joined the newly formed Roadside Theatre.

Over lots of theatre touring performances, Taylor started his career as a film actor. He decided to audition for a part in Mark Rydell’s The River and got it. The work took three months; then there was a pause.

Frank Hoyt Taylor appeared in a film again only in eighteen months, it was John Sayle’s Matewan.

Then the actor found an agent. Auditions became frequent; they went well, as a rule. He has already played in more than 20 movies.

Apparently, Taylor is a very interesting person. He doesn’t position himself as a celebrity. Frank Hoyt Taylor lives in a house he built with his own hands on a farm, far from fuss.

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