Helen Morgan, an Arts Depot Resident Artist

While looking for information about American actress Helen Morgan, I’ve accidentally found a video about another gifted woman who has the same name.

This Helen doesn’t work in films or on the stage. She is a textile weaver.

Therapeutic Beauty

Some types of creative activities (let’s say, theater, ballet, literature) can make a person’s life difficult enough. Crafts are a nice exception. 

The weaving process soothes. It’s a fascinating game with bright colors, as a result of which something useful is born.

Here is the recording I mentioned above:

This master specializes in woven clothing, scarves, tunics, felted hats, toy figures of animals. Her ever-popular toys are cute hedgehogs – you can see them in the video, 0:55.

Helen Morgan focuses on fiber work but also likes knitting.

The talented woman has been creating different beautiful things since childhood. When Helen was a 3-years-old girl, she could already cut out paper and make little purses.

Helen Morgan has learned herself most of what she knows about crafts, however, she studied for a while in a Crafts Curriculum and took many workshops of interest. 

Her artworks are sold. If I lived in the USA, I would definitely buy a tunic. It’s such a pleasure to wear unique clothes!

The Arts Depot Abingdon VA

Helen’s studio is located in the Arts Depot (Abingdon, Virginia).

It’s a community-based art gallery established about 30 years ago. 

According to the information from its site, this non-profit organization’s mission is ‘to promote and support regional artists through working artist’s studios and gallery exhibits and to provide educational opportunities for the community.’

In Helen’s opinion, Arts Depot is a wonderful place to have the input of other artists. 

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