Red-Haired Jayma Mays

Jayma Mays changed her first name twice. Originally she was Jamia Suzette. Since people often mispronounced such a rare name (a female version of James), the girl decided to be “Jaima”. The trick didn’t work, and the young actress corrected her name again.

She has never been afraid of becoming a bit different. This is the reason why her biography is so inspiring.

From Reading Obituaries On The Local Radio To An Acting Career

Jayma was raised in a small town, Grundy. It’s population, according to Wikipedia, hardly exceeded 1,100 at the United States Census of 2000, and I don’t think that Grundy could be significantly bigger in the eighties.

Her father was a high school teacher, then he worked in the coal mining industry.

The girl looked adorable thanks to her curly red hair and brown eyes.

She showed her acting ability early. The girl liked the musical ‘Annie’ very much. Little Jamia danced like this character for her relatives. Jamia even tried to pass the audition to play in Theatre Bristol (unfortunately, she hasn’t succeeded).

The future actress used to have different hobbies. She was a cheerleader, played the piano well enough

At the age of 15,  Jamia got a job on the local radio – she was entrusted to read the obituaries.

When Jamia was a student of Southwest Virginia Community College, the college’s dean of continuing education Frank Horton paid attention to the girl’s talent and recommended her to start an acting career.

SVCC’s Festival of the Arts gave the young actress the chance to demonstrate her creativity. She played the main role in ‘The Sweet Bye and Bye’.

Jayma Mays’s Roles

In 2004, Jayma appeared in a TV series, Joey. A bit later, she played in:

  • Red Eye;
  • Six Feet Under;
  • How I Met Your Mother;
  • Heroes;
  • Stacked;
  • Pushing Daisies;
  • The Comeback;
  • Ghost Whisperer;
  • Ugly Betty.

Maybe, you also remember her as a patient Hannah in the popular medical drama House, MD (episode Sleeping Dogs Lie).

Many of her roles were supporting, but she successfully starred in Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Epic Movie, Glee.

Jayma can be so funny! If her characters are laughing, you just couldn’t help laughing too.

Redheads are something of a rarity: Jayma admitted they help her to feel different and stand out among Hollywood’s celebrities.

However, in my opinion, her liveliness turned out to be much more important.

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