Pop-Art Ceramic By Peter Morgan

Pop-art is a kind of game with symbols of mass culture (for example, images from ads or comic books). Works created in this style are a challenge to the public and the traditions of fine art – in many cases, a rude one.

Ceramic figures by Peter Morgan, created in this style, don’t evoke any bad emotions. When looking at them, you think: ‘The Morgan must be a very kind man’.

A Bit Crazy Life Of Clay

Imagine a fast-food product – tortilla chips covered with melted cheese. The chips themselves are usual, but… a dinosaur stands in the ‘sea of cheese’.

The artwork is titled ‘Nacho-mess Monster’. Who is the monster – the tiny dinosaur or a human who can swallow such a helpless being?

Here’s another sculptural piece, ‘Giraffe Express’…

A goods wagon is on the tracks. There’s a passenger in it: a giraffe looks out through the ‘window’ in the roof.

The beautiful exotic animal in the uncomfortable wheeled container reminds us of our everyday problems. Each of us has their own ‘oh my God, where am I, and what for?!’, right?

All I Know About This Artist

The works I’ve described above are available on the artist’s website petergmorgan.com. Sadly, the website isn’t very good in respect of design, and the information which we can find there is very limited.

I tried to find something about Peter Morgan’s somewhere else on the Web, but I wouldn’t say my catch turned out to be abundant.

The artist grew up in Abingdon, Virginia.

He received:

  • a BA in Fine Art from Roanoke College,
  • a BFA in Ceramics from the California College or Arts and Crafts;
  • a MFA in Ceramics from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University.

His ceramics were exhibited both in the United States and Europe.

Peter Morgan worked at the Clay Studio in Philadelphia from 2010 to 2015. He wrote a short autobiography for the Studio.

Peter says in that bio: ‘I am attempting to come to a greater understanding of a culturally understood place and time thereby taking some sort of ownership over it through creating an absurd and bogus personal mythology.’

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