Stardust, My Favorite Fairy Tale Movie

The target audience of modern fairy tale movies are not only children. Mothers and fathers go to the cinema with their babies and then, while cooking dinner, are humming something like ‘Prince Ali! Mighty is he! Ali Ababwa-aaa! Strong as ten regular men, definitely!’ 

I tried to watch films of that kind many times but they usually didn’t meet my expectations. The film Stardust by Matthew Vaughn (2007) was a nice exception to the rule.

Why Is This Film Really Good?

First and foremost, it’s worth highlighting that Matthew Vaughn and his team’s success wouldn’t be possible without an amazing plot created by Neil Gaiman.  

Tristan Thorne lives in a small village that borders the magical kingdom of Stormhold. There is a wall between two different worlds. People from the village mustn’t cross it, but Dunstan decides to break the prohibition. He has a reason to do that.

When he and the most beautiful girl in the village, Victoria, were looking at the sky, a beautiful star fell.  They entered into a kind of contract: if Tristan retrieves the star by venturing into the magical realm, Victoria will marry him. 

The lad doesn’t know yet that the star will turn out to be his true love. They two are destined to get through incredible adventures and then rule Stormhold together. The amazing story captures the viewers’ attention with ease.

The film’s also worth seeing for its breathtaking effects.

All the fights, all the spells seem realistic.

The star, Yvaine, can shine. Claire Catherine Danes, who plays the role of the star, is quite a pretty woman, but thanks to this shining she is just a belle.

Talking of actors and actresses, they did great works. I can’t choose the most attractive character – I like even the wicked witches…

And the last argument: Stardust is equally suitable both for children and adults. There aren’t any vulgar jokes in the film, and Yvaine and Tristan’s romantic feelings are complicated enough to be persuasive. 

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