Some Tips on How to Choose a Plein Air Stool

Every time when going to paint outdoors take along something to sit on.

Of course, it may be an old bucket or a wooden box, but I would advise you to buy a special compact piece of furniture.

The Perfect Foldable Stool for Outdoor Use

At first sight, almost all collapsible furniture seems light as a feather. Even comfortable camping chairs with padded seats, armrests, and cup holders don’t look heavy. That is until you have to carry one of them on your back for a few miles…

Avoid any added features, try to find a minimalistic option.

As for me, I like stools made of metal pipes and 600D Oxford cloth (a sort of woven coarse texture fabric). Their frames are constructed in several ways.

Extremely portable tripods fold to the size of a rolled-up newspaper, weighs about 2 lbs.  Unfortunately, there is a little problem with them – they tend to be wobbly.

You can opt for a four-legged stool as well. Four points of support provide much more stability. The same goes for Side-X models. Seats of these two types needn’t be bulkier and heavier than tripods.

I’ve had a Side-X seat weighed 1 lb.

The Most Important Characteristics

What to consider when purchasing a plain air stool:

  • its seat must be placed on a non-slip footing – for example, on rubber feet;
  • if the cloth is removable and washable, that’s very good – nature means not only beauty but also dirt;
  • not every piece of foldable furniture is easy to fold, pay attention to construction features of the stool which you want to order.

Are you a big person? Find out in advance whether the model is capable of holding your weight. Some stools support no more than 200 lbs.

Read both the product description and customer reviews –  as a rule, they are helpful.

I hope you will make the right choice!

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