Which Wet Painting Carrier Meets Your Needs?

A canvas carrier is a less common piece of plein air equipment than brushes or easels; some inexperienced painters haven’t even heard of it.

It’s really convenient, though! It protects wet artwork from snow, rain, dust and overly curious passers-by. ūüôā

The Three Types of Carriers

There are few fundamental design differences between different carriers: all of them look like cases or bags with inside separators; you just slide a new oil landscape between the dividers and shut the lid.

What you should focus your attention on while choosing a carrier is its material.

Cardboard Wet Painting Storage

A good example of affordable carriers is the bags by the company Guerrilla Painter (China).

Guerrilla Painter Handy Porters are constructed of 4-mm corrugated white cardboard. Each bag holds four panels or two stretched canvases.

The items are available in various sizes – 5″ x 7″, 6″ x 8″, 9″ x 12″, 8″ x 10″, 11″ x 14″ and 12″ x 16″.

Such carriers – both¬†Handy Porters and the others – usually weigh only 3-12 oz. That’s an important advantage, since plein air equipment can be heavy enough.

With regard to disadvantages, these items require delicate handling. Cardboard is easy to tear.

I would purchase a Handy Porter if I wanted to spend a plein air weekend far from my city.

Plastic Carriers

Polypropylene plastic storage solutions are relatively cheap and compact.

They only allow you to transport the works created during a painting session. For instance, the RayMar career (USA) features three compartments.

The manufacturer writes: “For the best protection, we recommend the artist puts one freshly painted wet painting in each of the slots. If the paintings are dry to the touch, they can be placed back-to-back, two in each slot.”

The bags are sold in sizes from 6″ x 8″ up to 16″ x 20″. It’s also possible to buy a special 5″ x 7″ adaptor to reduce the width of the 6″ x 8″ RayMar.

Plastic is lightweight, waterproof and serviceable, but the material cannot be described as luxurious.

Wooden Cases

High-priced wooden carriers look solid – it’s nice to take them with you. They may be roomy; some of the cases organize up to 8 pieces of canvas board in the most popular sizes.

Large painting boxes made of basswood laminate or beechwood often have a nice, sturdy leather handle and adjustable linen shoulder straps; small items are often designed without handles.

The carriers fulfill their function very well, keeping artworks safe and secure. However, they are slightly heavy.

Jack Richeson & Co. (USA) and previously mentioned Guerrilla Painter produce these carriers.

So, make a choice and enjoy the freedom of painting outdoors!


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