Artist Toolkit

Maped Kneadable Eraser: the Pros and Cons

If I had to choose the only type of rubbers, I would prefer kneaded erasers. But would that be ones from Maped?

Koh-i-Noor Gioconda Soft Pastel Pencils Review

I like to use dry drawing materials in the form of pencils. Maybe, you’ve read my recent post about Koh-I-Noor sanguine, sepia, charcoal and white chalk cored in wood. Today I want to tell you what I think of Gioconda dry pastel.

Special Artist’s Pencils Koh-I-Noor Gioconda: How Good Are They?

Inspired by russet autumn colors, I’ve tried my hand at drawing with Koh-I-Noor sepia and sanguine. Since my paper was toned, I also bought charcoal and white chalk. All the media were in the form of pencils.

How to Choose an Eraser that Meets your Needs

The right rubber acts as a superhero: it’s readily saving the wonderful worlds which you are creating with graphite pencils. The wrong one can ruin your drawing.

Graphite Pencils Faber-Castell – Everything You Need Know About Them

In the last few years, I mostly use graphite pencils Faber-Castell. It isn’t just a matter of habit. They do have many advantages.

Sanguine Pencils – How To Draw With Them?

I like regular pencils but sometimes it seems to me that grey graphite sketches look too stern. Reddish-brown sanguine drawings are much warmer.

ARTEZA Eraser Pencils: Their Advantages and Disadvantages

Detailed corrections – for, example, highlighting the glimmer of an eye in a portrait or smoothing out the edge of a distant wood in a landscape – can be crucial.

A Great Gift for an Art Lover: Souvenirs that are Related to Famous Painters

My husband and I were passing through the capital of Austria on vacation. We had only an hour to walk, so we haven’t gone to the famous Österreichische Galerie Belvedere – what’s the point of looking at great paintings in a hurry?

Some Tips on How to Choose a Plein Air Stool

Every time when going to paint outdoors take along something to sit on. Of course, it may be an old bucket or a wooden box, but I would advise you to buy a special compact piece of furniture.

Synthetic Paintbrushes: Whether You Should Buy Them or Not?

According to a popular belief, synthetic bristle is simply not comparable to Kolinsky sable or even squirrel. Synthetic brushes have a number of drawbacks, that’s true, but I’m sure: they offer significant advantages over their counterparts at the same time. And it isn’t just about their low price.