Artist Toolkit

Take Your Watercolor Painting To A New Level: 5 Essential Tips

Watercolor is very capricious but highly addictive. Methinks, everybody who uses this medium has exclaimed at least once: ‘These paints are going to make me crazy! I’m done!’ – and reached for them again in a few days…

Charcoal Types By Form: Sticks Vs. Pencils

You might already know, that charcoal is made either of natural branches heated in a kiln or from charred wood dust mixed with binders (I’ve got a post on the subject here). Today I want to tell you what are the differences between its two forms. 

Types Of Artist Charcoal – All You Need To Know

Charcoal gives more intensive black color than graphite, enable a draughtsman to experiment with a rich variety of tonal gradation. This organic material is perfectly suited for classic drawing, particularly for portraying a nude human body.

Maped Kneadable Eraser: the Pros and Cons

If I had to choose the only type of rubbers, I would prefer kneaded erasers. But would that be ones from Maped?

Koh-i-Noor Gioconda Soft Pastel Pencils Review

I like to use dry drawing materials in the form of pencils. Maybe, you’ve read my recent post about Koh-I-Noor sanguine, sepia, charcoal and white chalk cored in wood. Today I want to tell you what I think of Gioconda dry pastel.

Special Artist’s Pencils Koh-I-Noor Gioconda: How Good Are They?

Inspired by russet autumn colors, I’ve tried my hand at drawing with Koh-I-Noor sepia and sanguine. Since my paper was toned, I also bought charcoal and white chalk. All the media were in the form of pencils.

How to Choose an Eraser that Meets your Needs

The right rubber acts as a superhero: it’s readily saving the wonderful worlds which you are creating with graphite pencils. The wrong one can ruin your drawing.

How to Look at Old Masters Paintings?

Once I went on a package holiday to Germany. Our group had some spare time in Dresden. The tourists, including me, rushed to the Old Masters Picture Gallery with enthusiasm…

Graphite Pencils Faber-Castell – Everything You Need Know About Them

In the last few years, I mostly use graphite pencils Faber-Castell. It isn’t just a matter of habit. They do have many advantages.

Sanguine Pencils – How To Draw With Them?

I like regular pencils but sometimes it seems to me that grey graphite sketches look too stern. Reddish-brown sanguine drawings are much warmer.